Leftover Makeovers: New Weekly Posting Debuting This Week

Cranberry-beans-staple-bulk-food-prepLeftovers don’t have to be stale repeats of your last lunch or dinner.  A few tweaks are all that is necessary to makeover that leftover dish or an entire meal. My favorite twist is to add more vegetables or a different protein combined with complimentary spices from a different cuisine.  Surprisingly little preparation is needed  to create a substantially different dish.  Each week I will be posting a leftover makeover from one of Neri’s meals over the past few weeks.

Rather than lecture about food waste in the United States (which various statistics place at somewhere between 25% to 50% of food in an average American home) I hope to inspire everyone to be more conscientious through creative “reuse” and preparation of food on a weekly basis.

It is easy to take leftovers from a night out or from food prepared at home and create a “new” meal the next day.  I will also discuss preparing foods in bulk, such as beans, quinoa, rice and roasted vegetables, and use them to prepare significantly different meals from the same staple ingredient during the week.

Slow food is possible on a busy schedule with a little preparation and planning.


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