Happy National Tequila Day….time for a Margarita.

Picture of the best Margarita… or what’s left of it. Forgot to take a photo before drinking it.

What did you do yesterday on National Tequila Day?  Okay, so we all know this is a holiday created by corporations to sell liquor and not an actual holiday…so what, have fun and drink a little.

I really enjoy a good Tequila.  I love the taste and it is one of the few hard alcohols I can drink straight without coughing or feeling like I am drowning.  My favorite way to drink Tequila is in a classic Margarita on the rocks; not the dayglow, green crap made with a Margarita mix, sweet and sour, or toxic sludge that looks like something out of Springfileld’s nuclear power plant on the Simpson’s.  I like my Margaritas with freshly squeezed lime juice, Triple Sec and high quality Tequila– and a little orange blossom honey if I’m in the mood for a sweeter version.

Mezcal makes a great substitute for a stronger flavored drink.

Some people like to add agave syrup, but I think it overpowers the more delicate notes in a good quality Tequila and is too syrupy.  Also, agave is a good gimmick to sell your product and make health food trendoids buy it—“OMG,  two products made from the agave plant are in my drink!”.  Try a good quality honey instead,  it will add to the subtle notes of the Tequila and the balance out the sour flavors, not mask them.

Here is my recipe for the best sweetened classic Margarita—you can also leave out the honey for an old-style version.

2 oz  Top Shelf or better quality Tequila or Mezcal
1 oz  Triple Sec (Cointreau is the best, but if you have good quality Tequila, any top shelf orange liquore will do.)
1-2 T Fresh squeezed lime juice
1-2 T Orange Blossom Honey (use good quality, local honey—the type of honey really does make a difference)

Coarse sea salt for the rim.

Pour the Tequila, Triple Sec and freshly squeezed lime juice (Don’t use the bottled stuff!) into your mixing container.  Add honey and let it sit for a few minutes before mixing.  This will make it easier to mix and dissolve the honey.

Rub rim of the serving glass with lime, dip in salt and add a few ice cubes.

Pour, garnish with lime and enjoy!  Simple, natural and additive free.

And yes, I purposely leave off the Oxford commas on non-academic writing, unless it is necessary for clarification.  It looks cleaner and more modern.  My blog, my choice, my body of writing.


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