Fad diets are “out” and healthy eating is “in”…

After overhearing a “fitness trainer” tell a client with kidney disease to consume a raw juice and protein shake diet filled with almost every substance on their “eat in moderation or do not eat” list, because it “will change your life”…I felt compelled to write a commentary on fads and extreme diets.  Extreme low-fat, no carb diets, paleo-diets and 100% raw food diets are just diet trends like neon colors and hot pants in the fashion world.  Moderation and variety keep you healthy, not colonics, extreme diets or weird diet regimes that have participants exclude broccoli, bananas or chocolate.

Extreme diets only benefit individuals with specific medical conditions in the long-term.  The most adamant followers of the latest diet trends soon jump into the next best thing in health and nutrition.  Short-term gain in your weight loss goals or a placebo induced mental boost that will fade with time are not worth “fitting in” with your health nut friends.  When people are new to healthy eating, like any other positive change, they want to share it with others, even if it means suggesting nutrition, exercise and lifestyles that may be harmful to someone else.  I am also not saying it is a good idea to obtain all your advice about nutrition from your doctor ( avg. 1 unit of training in medical school) or a nutritionist.  [ I have spoke with some doctors and nutritionist (with doctorates) who adamantly believe that you will suffer from severe nutrient deficiencies if you don’t consume red meat on a daily basis or that you will shorten your lifespan by eating a vegetarian diet].  You should do your own research on the newest diet crazes and ignore the hype.  Click on the hyperlink to the article cited in the next blurb you read about a supplement or food to omit from your diet.  Who sponsored the study?  What is the source–a new business owner promoting the “diet”, a science journal, a national health study or a trusted doctor, nutritionist or herbalist without any personal gain in the endorsement?

Check out the new study by Purdue University on absorption fat-soluble carotenoids – compounds such as lutein, lycopene, beta-carotene and zeaxanthin.  Low-fat and fat-free dressings prevent your body from benefiting from all of the nutrients in your meal and will also leave you craving food later, thus causing you to consume more calories in your overall diet.   Quality over quantity is a good mantra to follow in your goal toward good health and nutrition.


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